Online Marketers on Crack

A week ago Mark Fox introduced his new site List Building on Crack. Since then, it seems that their dealers cannot sell this product fast enough. The site is everywhere. Partly this is due to the marketing savvy of Mark Fox, who already owns a number of sites, and pumps out a new “everybody’s gotta have it” site every few months. Steve Ayling helped cook up the site and recruited distributors through his Ready To Go Traffic Sites. Carol Walczak just added it to her Marketing To Be Free program. That always was the promise of crack, wasn’t it, to free yourself from the pains and worries of everyday life.

It seems that everybody who is selling this site says you just have to try it. Just take a hit and you’ll be hooked.


Business Building on Crack

Dealing CrackFor those of you who do not know, “crack” is a crystal form of cocaine that is ingested by smoking. Crack cocaine was introduced in the U.S. in the 1980s by drug importers, who needed a cheap product so they could expand their market and sell off an oversupply of cocaine. From a marketing standpoint, it was a tremendous success. In 1984 powder cocaine sold for $100 per gram, but crack could be had for $2.50 a hit. This made it the drug of choice for the impoverished, particularly in large cities, and provided the huge market the drug dealers needed.

People on Crack

Crack House NYC 1989Cocaine offers a quick, intense high marked by euphoria and high energy. It is highly addictive, both physically and psychologically. Users tend to develop a tolerance, however, so they need larger or more frequent doses to achieve the same effects. Side effects of crack include paranoia, delusions, rapid heart rate (sometimes leading to heart attack), and miscarriage. Babies of women who used cocaine while pregnant were noted for their low birth weight, but it is unclear whether this was a direct effect of the drug, was caused by early labor brought on by the cocaine, or stemmed from the mother caring more about getting high than about eating. Crack was never known for improving judgment.

Society on Crack

crack_houseAs crack use spread through the large U.S. cities, its negative social and health effects were immense. Some consequences attributed to crack cocaine:

  • From 1984 to 1987, cocaine-related emergency room visits rose from 23,500 to 94,000.
  • Selling crack became a major funding source for inner-city gangs, enabling their rapid growth.
  • From 1984 to 1989, the homicide rate for black males ages 14 to 17 more than doubled; the homicide rate for black males ages 18 to 24 increased nearly as much.
  • From 1984 to 1989, the fetal death rate and incidence of low birth-weight babies increased 20% to 100%.
  • The terms “crack whore” and “crack baby” were invented.

The black community was disproportionately affected by this drug, adding racial overtones to any discussion of crack and its effects.

Marketers on Crack

Have I Got A Deal For You!So where does this leave Mark Fox, Steve Ayling, and all those others who are promoting and using this site? Is Mark so clueless that he thought that associating his new site with a deadly, addictive, illegal drug–a drug that continues to cause untold social and physical damage–was a positive statement? When Steve was helping Mark create the site, did he think the name would raise his prestige to that of a gang leader? The cynic in me wonders whether pairing this new site with a dangerous drug was just a slick marketing ploy. Putting “crack” in the name might give oblivious users and sellers (dealers?) a bit of an illicit thrill, make them feel a bit “gangsta.” How sad.

Mark and Steve can do better than this. They have in the past.  When you are deciding which sites to use and promote, remember that you are accepting the image that site brings with it. You are adding your stamp of approval. That becomes part of your image as well. Do you really want to be known as a marketer on crack?

commissionfunnel_black_200_100pctCommission Funnel is a fairly new manual traffic exchange from Brian Jones, who is probably best known for his TE-JV traffic co-op and for owning the Ventrino traffic exchange script. If you are already familiar with traffic exchanges, you know that they can be a good source of advertising for whatever online opportunity or website you wish to publicize. And you also know that there are a lot of them out there. So what makes Commission Funnel stand out from the crowd? With so many traffic exchanges to choose from, why should you choose to join and use Commission Funnel?

Reasons to Choose Commission Funnel:

  • 100% Commissions!
  • Immediate commission payments
  • Referral lottery
  • Ability to buy (not rent) referrals
  • Personal promo codes
  • Upgrade your downline
  • Reward your downline
  • Contact your downline
  • Built-in traffic, text ad, and banner co-ops
  • Clean surfing experience

I have to admit that I didn’t even know about all of these features when I joined. Just the first 4 were enough to motivate me to join and upgrade (watch for the Lifetime VIP one-time offer). When I learned about the other features, well, I felt even smarter.large-smiley-025

Upgraded Members Get 100% Commissions!

commissionfunnel_250x188_staticUpgraded members at Commission Funnel receive 100% commission on all referral purchases. There are 2 different upgrade levels, and lifetime or monthly options, but all upgrades entitle you to the 100% commissions.

This means, of course, that if only a single referral upgrades, it could pay for 100% of your upgrade. In fact, if you took the $49.95 Lifetime VIP OTO and your referral chose the $99.95 Lifetime Account offered inside, that one commission would be double your cost. (The $49.95 upgrade does include fewer monthly credits than the $99.95 Lifetime offer inside.)

Free members earn 35% commissions, which is higher than the 10% or 20% offered free members at most traffic exchanges.

Immediate Commission Payments

Most traffic exchanges, as well as any other online businesses, pay commissions weekly, monthly, or perhaps only when you request them. I recently discovered that I had over $25 in commissions sitting in a traffic exchange that I hadn’t visited for over a year. Apparently, one of my referrals had upgraded, but I had never been notified. If I hadn’t requested payment, I would never have received that money–MY money. (Now I regularly check my commissions by visiting TE Command Post, which reports my commissions from nearly all traffic exchanges.)

Commission Funnel pays commissions immediately into my Paypal account.

lotteryReferral Lottery

Each day that you view 50 or more sites at Commission Funnel, you are entered into a lottery for a free referral. These are verified referrals, and you earn commissions from them just as you do from those you refer personally.

Ability to Buy Referrals

Recently I have seen a number of sites offering to rent referrals on a monthly basis. Commission Funnel does them one better, allowing you to buy unassigned, verified, active referrals. The Referral Boost page offers groups of 3, 5, or 10 referrals along with a package of credits and banner credits. And again, if these referrals upgrade or make a purchase, you earn commission.

Personal Promo Codes

People are always looking for promo codes, which is why so many sites offer them. Commission Funnel allows you to buy your own custom promo code so that you can offer a package of website and banner credits to encourage people to sign up as your referrals.  This is a great way to get more people interested so they will at least stop and take a look at the site.

Upgrade Your Downline

Have you ever thought of running your own referral contest? Or maybe you want to offer your own upgrade lottery to new referrals. You can do this with Commission Funnel. When you upgrade, you automatically get one of these sponsor credits. Or you can go to the Referral Sponsor page, and buy additional upgrades to give to your referrals. The cost to you is just $24.95, so half of the OTO price.

Here are a few ideas on how you might use these gift upgrades.

  1. Increase your referrals. Advertise a chance to win an upgraded membership. Anyone who joins by the end of the month, say, has a chance to win.
  2. Build your list. Offer a lottery. Anyone who signs up to your list gets a chance at winning an upgraded membership.
  3. Reward your downline from another program. For example, any downline member who buys 3 adpacks at TrafficMonsoon during the next month gets a free upgraded membership at Commission Funnel.

Reward Your Downline

In addition to upgrades and promo codes, you can also transfer some of your credits to members of your downline. This is another good way to reward your active downline members or encourage them to be more active.

Contact Your Downline

Commission Funnel allows you to send emails either to individual downline members or to the whole group. This is a nice feature, so be sure you don’t abuse it. Bombarding your downline with requests to join other programs will be considered spam and could get you banned from using it.

Built-In Traffic, Banner, and Text Ad Co-ops

In my opinion, people waste a lot of time by joining and then surfing too many traffic exchanges. I have been guilty of this myself. It is much more efficient to focus on a few select traffic exchanges, then to use traffic co-ops if you want more breadth. Commission Funnel has built-in traffic and banner co-ops, thus serving three purposes at once. Note: If you find you have too many credits of one type, you can use the Convert Credits page to convert back and forth between website credits, banner impressions, and text ad impressions.

Traffic Co-op

With the traffic co-op, you earn credits and get your site displayed in whatever traffic exchanges other members are using. To use it, simply advertise the Credit Rotator link: Be sure to first enter your websites on the My Websites page so that your sites will display when other members use the credit rotator link.

Banner Co-op

To participate in the banner co-op, you go to the Earn Banner Credits page. There you find a piece of html code to display a 468×60 banner on your website or blog. Then when people view your website, you earn banner credits. At the same time, your banner will showing on other members’ websites.

Text Ad Co-op

For the text ad co-op, open the Earn Text Credits page. There you choose the color and size of ad to display on your website or blog. Then click Create Code and copy that code to your website. When people visit your website, you will earn text ad credits and your text ads will display on other people’s websites.

Clean Surfing Experience

The trend recently has been for traffic exchanges to try to entertain their members by adding more and more games. I understand why site owners do this, and I even participate in some of these games, but many sites have taken this too far. There are times when I just want to see what other people are advertising–and earn credits, of course–without all the interruptions. Commission Funnel offers that clean, smooth viewing experience, a welcome relief from all the delays and distractions that too many sites now present. The only “game” is a letter search that shows up every 15 or so pages.


This is a long review because there is a lot to say about Commission Funnel. I have never seen this collection of useful, innovative features anywhere else. With the ability to earn 100% commissions, create your own promo codes, give away upgrades, contact your downline, etc., Commission Funnel treats you as if you are the owner. That might be a good way to think of it. Have you ever wanted your own traffic exchange without all the hassles of creating and administering it? Commission Funnel gives you the chance for that rewarding ownership experience.


Welcome to The Income Plan


If you are reading this, then you are interested in making money online. I don’t know your background–you could be completely new to the Internet or perhaps you have been trying unsuccessfully to make money for years. None of that matters. The method I outline on this site has been tried and proven successful by many people over many years. If you follow this plan, if you make it Your Income Plan, then you will make money.

One Warning

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. I am not going to lie to you and give you a hyped-up sales pitch telling you that if you buy my latest product you will be a millionaire by the end of the month. Instead, I will tell you that if you work steadily, you will see a slow, steady growth of your online business. Eventually, your business will provide you with a nice income to supplement or even replace your other work.

Quick Outline

Your business needs customers and it needs products. The easiest product to sell online is advertising. Your customers will be other people like yourself who are trying to build their businesses. So it makes sense to start by building a base of advertising for yourself and at the same time offering advertising services to other people. We will start with traffic exchanges and then safelists. From there we will move into building your own list of personal customers. Then we will add to your products–and this is where your business will start to look different from the businesses of other people using this site. There are a number of options for building your long-term job-replacing income. I will suggest a few that I trust that have worked for many other people, but it will be up to you to choose which works best for you.


For this to work, you will want to build your business progressively. Do not get overwhelmed and do not expect to do all of this in one day or even one week. This is a long-term plan. Just take your time and be sure you do it right.

Good luck. I look forward to working with you as you move forward.

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